Monday, April 23, 2007


Final exams start on Monday, May 7th and finish on Friday, May 18th.

The Law Library will have extended hours during the exam period. Here is the schedule:

Sunday May 6: 9:00AM to 2AM
Monday May 7 through Friday May 11: 7:30AM to 2AM
Saturday May 12: 7:30AM to midnight
Sunday May 13: 9:00AM to 2AM
Monday May 14 through Thursday May 17: 7:30AM to 2AM
Friday May 18: 7:30AM to midnight

For those using the exam software on their laptops, an FAQ page has been posted on the library’s website:

We expect the usage of the library’s conference rooms to increase during the study and exam periods, and would like to reiterate the policy governing those rooms: They are for groups of law students, and cannot be reserved or held for a study group that is not currently using the room. The library does not have individual study rooms. Anyone using a conference room as an individual study room can be asked by a group to vacate the room. If the request is refused, library staff may be asked to enforce the rule, but the policy is enforced in the first instance by the group seeking to use the room.

Electronic copies of old exams are on the network S drive, which can be accessed via the MyUB Portal (sign on at Look for the Law Library folder, then the Exams subfolder.

Good luck!


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